2021 Workshop on Negative results, Opportunities, Perspectives, and Experiences


Bringing historical perspectives to NOPE

At MICRO 2019, Lynn Conway gave a keynote describing her personal story and the "techno-social" factors which led to her contributions being undervalued and unseen. Inspired by her perspective and call to action, we aim to rebrand the aims and goals NOPE to be more inclusive of historical perspectives and descriptions of how technical concepts came to be commonplace.

NOPE will remain a place for open, honest port mortems of research projects which ran into unexpected limitations and resulted in lessons learned. In addition, it will offer a venue to discuss contributions that have been underappreciated and misconstrued over time. In this way, the goals of NOPE are to reflect on negative outcomes, shed light on the origin of ideas, and offer a venue to revise our understanding and uncover opportunities to move forward by reflecting on mistakes that can be made throughout the research process.

Ramon Canal, one of the DRAC researchers participated with the presentation: "Deep learning for system security and privacy: the obstacles that lie ahead"

For more information consult the event page: NOPE