Dia de la Llibertat el Maquinari 2021


Hardware Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration and promotion of free and open hardware. The goal of this day is to educate the public about free and open hardware, in education, government, and business.

Open Hardware is a term used to describe physical objects whose design is created and shared publicly without restrictions, allowing everyone to modify, improve and redistribute their contributions. The design includes drawings, blueprints, software code that is running on the device or uses to generate some of its parts or drivers, and any other information that you may need to create the device itself.

You can see the recording of the event at: https://de.meet.coop/playback/presentation/2.0/playback.html?meetingId=0cf0556234579e2d8ee065ac80320cd2b1bef770-1618666563034




16:00 - Processadors RISC-V by Miquel Moretó and Francesc Moll

17:00 - PCB multiuso para ESP8266-01 by Jorge @akirasan

18:00 - Implementació d'un sistema de control de qualitat de l'aire a la biblioteca Ignasi Iglesias by Club Maker American Space

18:30 - Maquinari lliure per Internet de les Coses empant ESP32 by Jordi Binefa

19:30 - Colloquium


Event in Catalan and Spanish