2021 Workshop on Negative results, Opportunities, Perspectives, and Experiences

Ramon Canal, one of the DRAC researchers participated with the presentation: "Deep-Learning for system security and privacy: the obstacles ahead of us"



The upsurge of connected devices, applications and services has raised important cybersecurity challenges due to the exponential increase of attacks and their sophistication. These attacks cast a shadow on the adoption of smart mobile applications and services, which has been amplified by the large number of different platforms that provide data, storage, computation, and application services to end-users. All this makes system security complex and challenging. Deep-Learning is now at the core of our cybersecurity mechanisms. In this talk, we will revise the main DL techniques used and identify where they are useful and where they are not. Then, we will identify the obstacles we face when pushing for better cybersecurity detection/protection mechanisms for infrastructure (i.e. network level), software (i.e. malware) and privacy (i.e. privacy preservation). DOI: 10.1109/COMST.2021.3086296

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