DRAC at the International Conference on Supercomputing 2020

The 34th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS-2020), the main international forum for the presentation of research results in HPC systems, has been the first virtual ICS organized from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The DRAC researchers participated at the "Workshop on RISC-V and OpenPOWER" with two presentations. In the first one, Osman Unsal and Adrián Cristal presented Designing open-source RISCV hardware with open-source software, where they discussed their experience in the use of open-source software in architecture, microarchitecture, RTL, and verification levels for the design and recording of RISCV accelerators. And in particular, they talked about the GEM5 based microarchitectural simulator that they develope to design a vector accelerator core as well as the application suite that enables them to benchmark vector processors. 

The second presentation, Building the Road from Computer Architecture to Silicon at BSC, was given by Francesc Moll and Miquel Moretó. In this talk they presented the different projects related to integrated circuit design (IC) currently going on at BSC, DRAC and its predecessors being among them. These projects are an opportunity and a challenge in terms of building a new team, including the incorporation of key senior experts in the field, leveraging previous expertise from nearby academic institutions and training young people in backend IC design techniques. The structure of the newly formed team and toolset were explained, as well as the roadmap of the design techniques under development at BSC in the framework of ongoing projects. 

View the presentations here: