We approach DRAC to the industry

reunió AB


On October 7, the first meeting between the members of the industrial committee and the project developers was held with a total of 27 participants. The leaders of each activity presented a general description of the project during the first hour of the meeting. The second part of the meeting lasted approximately half an hour in which the members of the industrial committee were given the turn to comment on the project and give their commercial point of view. This helped set the next steps for the project. Feedback was very positive and there were several companies interested in specific IPs developed in the project.

From this meeting it has been possible to set specific meetings with the members of the industrial committee to share some of the ideas and carry out further follow-up on specific topics of interest to them.

In a year, a second meeting is expected to be held where progress will be presented and the last details of the processor will be fixed before the end of the project.